The Monster Twins Interactive eBook

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This unique interactive flip eBook can be viewed on all devices (mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops) - no eReader is needed! 

The eBook has been carefully designed to provide readers with the colourful richness of the print version in an easy- and fun-to-use flip-page format. The eBook also offers bonus content in the form of pop-ups that include facts and stories about the landmarks and characters - even a pet - in the book, plus a selection of exclusive colouring pages and activities to download.

Simply add the eBook to your cart and check out. You'll then be sent a link to the ebook, together with an exclusive password, which you can then use to view on any of your devices.

The Story

Bella and Bertie are twins, but they don't know that, or each other. Separated while babies by a bad law, they grew up 6000 miles apart, in Singapore and London. 

Follow the twins as they discover their shared past and do their best to make a better future for themselves, their families and others like them.

Also available in paperback

 eBook Preview 

Take a look at the first five pages of the eBook. Just click on the 'hot spots' to reveal pop-ups, each of which has a fun fact, story or activity.